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Pursuit Bike found in Japan

Dreesens Track Pursuit Frame/Fork.  Built for a 650c front wheel and found on a Yahoo Auction site in Japan.



Slender teardrop tubing.

Retro sticker color match.

This ride has gotten in some kilometers.

A unique fork crown.

The head tube lugs, simple function.

More teardrop tubing.


Rock on sister.

Smiles all around and five foot strong.

XXS 29er Painted Pics

Here are some stats of this unique build:

Seat tube: 311.5mm    12.25″

Top Tube virtual  528mm  (though the actual horizontal tube is 333mm )

Angles Proprietary  But convergent to achieve a 635mm front center

Bottom Bracket height is 10mm lower than normal because of 165mm cranks

Coming together:

Kudos to Tom Kellog and Spectrum Cycles for his paint prowess.

Happy Easter & More Bikes

Ahh, spring racing in Belgium. Tough weather, tough climbs and tough dudes!

Here are two old pics (2001) of Peter thinking he’s one of those dudes; Roger Devlaemick.

First Pic is Peter riding the Patersberg climb:

Second Pic is one of the sections used in Paris Roubaix.  Peter doesn’t recall which sector but does remember that it was “bleak.”

Two more bikes came back from paint.  One of them is the XXS 29er.  Here’s a teaser pic till next week.