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How to: Steel Frame Repair Downtube Replacement Part 4

Heating the tube/joint to the temperature were the silver solder flows, the ‘Liquidus’ temperature.

Removing the cut section. pulling it straight out of the Bottom bracket lug socket.

Removing the bottom head lug from the section of tubing that was previously removed from the head tube.



How To: Steel Frame Repair Downtube Replacement Part 3

The center section of the tube is cut out to enable pulling the tube straight out of the joint.

The frame with cut out center on the damaged tube.

How To: Steel Frame Repair Downtube Replacement Part 2

Next  the paint is stripped as we will heat the joints.

How To: Steel Frame Repair Downtube Replacement Part 1

Mikes new bike with an unfortunate crash that also bent the tube. This calls for tube replacement. On a silver soldered frame this is  a nondestructive process resulting in a ‘good as new’ repair.

The first step is to ‘set’ the frame in a jig adjusting all holding blocks in alignment to maintain the dimensions of the frame when the new tube is installed.

Adjustable Stayer Type Stem

Dreesens was asked to make a stem for a customer’s stationary bike.  No problem.  Dreesens loves track racing and mimicked what he’s seen on Stayer bikes. Cool