Dreesens Bicycles

Steel bicycles by Peter Dreesens


What if I have no idea what kind of bike build I’m looking for? No worries.  Give peter a phone call he will guide you through the process and ask the questions needed so your bike sings.

Why should I get a custom steel bike? Tubing shape, size, thickness along with lug choices, soldering techniques, the fork rake/trail, wheelbase, bottom bracket height, and etc. play a role in ride quality.  Don’t worry, Dreesens will make sure your bike will be purposeful to your needs.

How long has Dreesens being making bicyles? Almost 30 years!  Dreesens has built hundreds of frame sets under his badge and repaired hundreds of other brands when they’ve failed.

Dreesens has a wealth of experience working with riders of all levels; European and domestic pro’s to regular Joe’s/Jane’s.   They all have one thing in common, they love to ride and they loved working with Dreesens.

If Dreesens has been around so long then why haven’t I heard of him? Peter admits that he never did a good job marketing himself.  He’s old school of the old school (he has dial up internet – and this is HUGE).  After years of nagging by his friends, people in the industry, riders, racers, girlfriends, and his mom Peter finally agreed to have a friend build this website.

How much is a Dreesens? Price is based on request. Give Peter a call.

How long does a build take? Two months minimum and this can be affected by his build schedule. 

What are my paint/decal options? Talk with Peter.  The options are pretty much limitless. 

I have a steel bike that needs repair. Make an appointment with Peter to see if he can bring your sled back to life.

Does Peter do general repair on bikes other than steel? Yes, Peter is obviously one of the best mechanics around. He can service your ride, build wheelsets, remove frozen posts and etc…

Ok, I want to contact Peter Dreesens: You are wise my friend.  Contact Peter

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