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Just Like Coppi.

Customer John wanted a redo of his original Dreesens road bike to a minimal fixed gear.  Peter has the idea of trimming off the hanger, says years ago he saw magazine pictures of Coppi racing six days on something similar.  Gotta love Google: Click here for pics of the bike Dreesens was referring to. (Thank you Bicycle Specialities)
Derailleur hanger trimmed neatly away.

Decals to match your rims?   sure!

Black beauty.


Silver Bullet Pista Frame and Fork

Peter – Paint is a Sparkling Silver powdercoat with the traditional flat crown 24mm round NOS Columbus PS fork blades.  This is a track only sprint bike.  All gauges in the tubing are 10-7-10, the heaviest tubing that produced a bike withable to withstand the loads of the banking with out flex even under 200lb sprinters

Me – Ok, Peter, that’s great.  What the heck is “10-7-10?”

Peter – The ’10-7-10′ refers to the metal gauge, 10 being 1mm thick (10 /10ths of a mm) and the 7 is 7/10ths of a mm (.7mm). These are gauges(thicknesses) used in Columbus SP (road tubing recommended by Columbus for +160lb and large size bikes) and Columbus PS – track sprint/6 day tubing.  The sequence refers to double butt tubes- thick on the ends were it is brazed, so it is for a typical 650mm down tube: 100mm of 1mm, 50mmm taper(internal), 250mm at .7mm, 50mmm taper and 100mm at the end at 1mm.  The tubes used in the track bike are a mix of NOS Columbus ( SP seat tube- 27.0 post and PS 24mm round Sprint fork blades) and True Temper.

Me – ….speechless…

Big Pics Below: