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Revived Orbea

Customer Alex had an unfortunate accident which resulted in a severely kinked chain stay.  What to do?  Trash it?  Recycle it?  Turn it into a decorative house ornament?

No way!  Peter Dreesens to the rescue.

Left chainstay with severe kink in the tubing.

A close up of the kink

The new chainstay, left side, with MUCH smoother brazing work.

Bike stripped, chain stay pulled, new chain stay brazed on, bike repainted and assembled.  Good as new!

If you have a damaged steel frame contact Peter Dreesens and revive it!


Lorraine’s Masters Track Nationals Weaponry

Customer Lorraine recently competed in the Masters National Track Championships in Nearby Trexlertown, PA.  Lorraine was looking for a new track bike and went to Peter for advice.  Here’s what they created:

In Pursuit configuration with 5cm of setback as per UCI rules.

Lorraines track bike in the Sprint configuration with the UCI  Zero setback
position with dropbars.

Dreesens crafted custom steel bars that are surprising light because of aluminum extensions.

The position and bars were the product of a day long session at T-town with a selection  of stems and 3 sets of aero bars.

NOTE: Lorraine went on to three Silver medals, two Bronze medals, three fourth places and a fifth place too.  That’s a lot of podium time!  All this despite a nasty crash 9 weeks earlier [face planted at sprinting speed, shattered orbit (3 bones that make up her left eye socket and 3 fractures at the back of the eye), concussion, 9 stitches in her eye lid, many layers of skin on the left side of her face and other places gone.]

Lorraine – Way to battle back and kick some butt at Masters Nationals!

White is Light.

From the glamour of the concrete block studio the 17.8 lb. 60cm framed bike. The laid back seat is evident in profile, just the thing to ‘Roll’ the big gear.

Paint update to white. As they say in fashion, “White is the new Black.” Reflective red and white decals complete the look on this lightweight (7-4-7 Reynolds 725 tubing) and laid back  bike (70° seat angle).

Peter’s Pics

Intermission of the Steel Frame Repair series for an introduction.  There’s a new Page here on Dreesens Bicycles. >>>>>>>>>>

Check out “Peter’s Pics.”

How to: Steel Frame Repair Part 8

The frame in the jig and fully silver-soldered with the Brown Hi-temp flux (an anti oxidation ‘paste’) on the areas heated.

Close up of the joint and the dried flux.

The flux removed (it is water soluble) showing the discoloration in the areas not covered with the flux.

The same area ‘Cleaned Up’ – polished and finished ready for paint.

The entire frame ‘Stripped’ of paint and ready to be dropped of at Spectrum for repainting.



How to: Steel Frame Repair Part 7

The mitered tube is fitted in the frame without the lug. The Bottom Bracket end will be scribed and trimmed.

The excess to be scribed, then removed.

Test fitting the miter to confirm the angle of the cut. The miter is much closer than the .005 of and inch maximum tolerance for the gap. For silver solder to have maximum strength the gap should be in that .001 to .005 of an inch range.

How to: Steel Frame Repair Part 6

The new tube: A  True Temper 34.9 (1 3/8″) HOXPLAT 10 of .7/,4/.7 thickness. True Temper created the PLATINUM tubing by taking an aerospace grade of air hardening steel and modifying it to enhance its properties for light weight bicycle frames. The tensile strength exceeds 195,000 psi.

Using a lug as a pattern the outline of the cut for the miter (shape of the tube to match the adjoining tube) is scribed on the tube using a dental pick.

The form of the miter is rough shaped using two angled cuts.

Using files and abrasives a shaped miter is achieved. This will match up to the head tube.