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Apprenticed by Dreesens: Pete Ruckelshaus Beauty

From Peter – “A bike built at the shop by Pete Ruckelshaus. It was Framebuilding 101 for an experienced craftsman with a wood shop background. He created an amazing bike that I am jealous about, I wish it were my bike.”

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Peter’s Pics

Intermission of the Steel Frame Repair series for an introduction.  There’s a new Page here on Dreesens Bicycles. >>>>>>>>>>

Check out “Peter’s Pics.”

How to: Steel Frame Repair Part 8

The frame in the jig and fully silver-soldered with the Brown Hi-temp flux (an anti oxidation ‘paste’) on the areas heated.

Close up of the joint and the dried flux.

The flux removed (it is water soluble) showing the discoloration in the areas not covered with the flux.

The same area ‘Cleaned Up’ – polished and finished ready for paint.

The entire frame ‘Stripped’ of paint and ready to be dropped of at Spectrum for repainting.