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Lorraine’s Masters Track Nationals Weaponry

Customer Lorraine recently competed in the Masters National Track Championships in Nearby Trexlertown, PA.  Lorraine was looking for a new track bike and went to Peter for advice.  Here’s what they created:

In Pursuit configuration with 5cm of setback as per UCI rules.

Lorraines track bike in the Sprint configuration with the UCI  Zero setback
position with dropbars.

Dreesens crafted custom steel bars that are surprising light because of aluminum extensions.

The position and bars were the product of a day long session at T-town with a selection  of stems and 3 sets of aero bars.

NOTE: Lorraine went on to three Silver medals, two Bronze medals, three fourth places and a fifth place too.  That’s a lot of podium time!  All this despite a nasty crash 9 weeks earlier [face planted at sprinting speed, shattered orbit (3 bones that make up her left eye socket and 3 fractures at the back of the eye), concussion, 9 stitches in her eye lid, many layers of skin on the left side of her face and other places gone.]

Lorraine – Way to battle back and kick some butt at Masters Nationals!



  JustRogers wrote @

I realize this is a very old blog post but I can’t figure out any other way to contact you. I saw a beautiful steel bike recently at the West Chester, PA CX race. It was really a pretty bike, I even took some photos. Would you mind emailing me at j.PaulRogers@yahoo.com.

I have a few questions and may be interested in a frame/frameset.
Also, I saw the picture on Google of the two tube white pursuit bike. That is absolutely rad, I’ve never seen a design like it- beautiful bike.

Keep up the awesome work man!

  geronimok wrote @

Hello J.Paul,
Thank you for the compliments and recognition. Yes, we openly admit that this site doesn’t the frequent updates that it deserves. You can contact Peter Directly using any of his contacts found on his contact page:

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