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Apprenticed by Dreesens: Pete Ruckelshaus Beauty

From Peter – “A bike built at the shop by Pete Ruckelshaus. It was Framebuilding 101 for an experienced craftsman with a wood shop background. He created an amazing bike that I am jealous about, I wish it were my bike.”

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  Pete Ruckelshaus wrote @

Wow, I had no idea that Peter had posted this. I’m honored, and I’m glad to call Peter a friend. He and I have complementary senses of humor, taste in music, and taste in beer. I completed frame number two with Peter’s help, though this time I did nearly all of the metal work (cutting, mitering, filework and cleanup) and about half of the torch work, and I’m waiting to get the frame back from the painter’s. Frame one, pictured, was designed to be a classic randonneuring/brevet bike, but frame 2 was a bit more interesting, design to be perfectly usable with either 650b or 700c wheels with just a swap of wheels and brake calipers.

If you’re interested in having Peter take you through your first frame but want to know what it’s like from the apprentice’s perspective, feel free to email me.

[…] 1-2 dozen frames a year, and he also seems to do freelance mechanic work on the side, as well as tutor a newbie framebuilder (me) for way too little money. He's a great guy who makes beautiful, functional frames completely by […]

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