Dreesens Bicycles

Steel bicycles by Peter Dreesens

Silver Bullet Pista Frame and Fork

Peter – Paint is a Sparkling Silver powdercoat with the traditional flat crown 24mm round NOS Columbus PS fork blades.  This is a track only sprint bike.  All gauges in the tubing are 10-7-10, the heaviest tubing that produced a bike withable to withstand the loads of the banking with out flex even under 200lb sprinters

Me – Ok, Peter, that’s great.  What the heck is “10-7-10?”

Peter – The ’10-7-10′ refers to the metal gauge, 10 being 1mm thick (10 /10ths of a mm) and the 7 is 7/10ths of a mm (.7mm). These are gauges(thicknesses) used in Columbus SP (road tubing recommended by Columbus for +160lb and large size bikes) and Columbus PS – track sprint/6 day tubing.  The sequence refers to double butt tubes- thick on the ends were it is brazed, so it is for a typical 650mm down tube: 100mm of 1mm, 50mmm taper(internal), 250mm at .7mm, 50mmm taper and 100mm at the end at 1mm.  The tubes used in the track bike are a mix of NOS Columbus ( SP seat tube- 27.0 post and PS 24mm round Sprint fork blades) and True Temper.

Me – ….speechless…

Big Pics Below:


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