Dreesens Bicycles

Steel bicycles by Peter Dreesens

Bulldozer Yellow Rando!

Peter’s latest creation may look simple enough.

Durable Powdercoat reminds me of a CAT Bulldozer.

Decals are reflective industrial Vinyl.

Lots of clearance for fat Cadillac ride tires.

Gearing is a 46×30 with a 12×27 rear cluster.  Lots of range for those long rides.

A true Randonneur?  Notice there are no rack eyelets (which Peter can do).  Owner of this bike doesn’t ride in the rain often or have interest for panniers so there was no need.  The frame/fork has a cleaner look without them too.

If the top tube looks long then you have a sharp eye!  The frame is actually 56cm center to center and has a 59.5cm top tube.  The owner is 6’1″ and likes his saddle a bit lower than traditional set up.  However he still needed a bike that accommodated his torso and preferred cockpit reach/drop.  Voila.

So what is this bike?  It’s another great example how Peter can build a bike based on your riding style, needs, terrain and ideas.

Still wondering what the heck a Randonneur is?  Click here and here for more info.



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