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Steel bicycles by Peter Dreesens

Welcome to Dreesens Bicycles

Dressens Single Speed 29er

Greetings friends.

Here is a weblog about Peter Dreesens and his steel bicycles. Peter has been crafting bicycles for 25 years.  He loves brazing, experimenting and molding steel into working rides.  Explore the pages to the right and give him a shout.

Oh yeah, check in from time to time to see what Dreesens is up to.



  alan wrote @

’bout time he got some recognition for the great work he has done over the years. He built my frame in ’93 and it has been going strong ever since. I have been thinking of building a new bike and may have to get in contact with him soon.

  Ed wrote @

Got my new frame last summer. I finally got it dialed in with the equipment and position and it is clearly the beast in my fleet. This steel frame is so comfortable on the flats and hills, I’m in no hurry to reach for my aluminum or Ti bike. As a matter of fact, Sunday, yesterday, I crossed paths with a guy on a Litespeed on my warmup and we were jamming on rolling terrain for a few miles until I gassed out. There is no way I could have stayed with that guy for that long, on a normal bike, on my warmup. I was very impressed with this custom frame. Very impressed. Position is everything. Go Pete.
Ed P

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